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Manufacturing the Workforce of the Future


Without the right tools, it can be difficult to fully understand the demand for specific jobs. And without this information, it can be challenging for community colleges to develop local workforce talent pools.

Burning Glass Technologies along with Achieving the Dream, Inc. investigated the demand for Manufacturing and Production jobs in three specific regions. In this recording Burning Glass showcases examples of how we analyzed key roles and job market dynamics across the Manufacturing and Production landscape at a local level, and ATD discusses how these findings were used to support their work with regional community colleges.

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Webinar: Supporting Workforce Development by Quantifying Local Hiring Needs

Leverage Labor Market Analytics to Build Local Talent Pools

In this webinar, we discuss how this analysis:

- Quantified the demand for Manufacturing and Production roles in specific regions
- Pinpointed key opportunities and challenges facing the field
- Informed local training initiatives to support the Manufacturing and Production workforce